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01. Eastwards (5:57)
02. Northwards (8:33)
03. Crazy Country (3:19)
04. Si Maritau Rosa (4:43)
05. Memories of Purab (7:55)
06. Chega de Saudade (4:16)
07. Vem Vindo (3:01)
08. Alegria in E (5:46)
09. Yanque Yanque (5:26)
10. Los Caminantes seguirán (6:15)

Valdinho Langer - guitars
Wolfgang Puschnig - flute, alto sax
Karl Schaupp - piano, keyboard
Gerhard Reiter - percussion
Klaus Dickbauer - clarinets (# 3,9)
Helge Stiegler - recorder (# 7)

As in our former recordings in Navigare we continue with two main intentions-musical variety and
live atmosphere in our studio sessions.
The creativity of my fellow musicians shaped the recordings in a very spontaneous way.

In memory of my friend and mentor Joachim Ernst Berendt.
Thanks to all who like our music.

Traditional music of Eastern Europe gave me the inspiration, but unintentionally all changed into a
samba rhythm -sorry!
Imagine the coasts and landscapes of Norway, so did I!
Crazy Country
Background of course is American Countrymusic, but sometimes it sounds unusual.
Si Maritau Rosa
A very well known traditional song from sicily-mix it with a breeze of improvisation-basta!
Chega de Saudade
Not much to say about this wonderful song composed by a giant, marking the beginning of the
bossa nova era-muito obrigado!
Vem Vindo
This choro of Pixinguinha, another great composer and musician from Brasil, is full of the joys of brasilian
life…I hope you will agree!
Alegria in E
As the title says: merry mood, here’s to life…simple chords in major but a little bit changing times
Yanque Yanque
An impressive sephardic melody from Morocco. I added an intro that might bring in some greek spirit and of
course there is enough place for improvisation like in all other tracks of this album. Thanks to Igor Pomykalo
who made me aware of it.
Los Caminantes seguira‘n/Memories of Purab
An earlier cooperation with my friends Prakash and Vikash Maharaj finds a revival now. You might detect
Spanish influence in one and an Indian in the other.

When three top musicians who don’t have to prove anything to each other come together, invite one or the other guest to rehearse a special kind of music and then go to a studio, the result may be musical pearls that jointly make up a chain  of pearls. So this CD is more than just an addition of single pieces, but makes a chain of ten pearls that in turn add up to a work of art. This is music with numerous well-considered ethnic influences which nevertheless remains independent. It is music which should be listened to at ease, a couple of times if possible. It is full of emotion, it swings, it contains surprises and is still always of the same mould. You sense the concentration behind it and yet this music is light-footed. This is proof of the artistry of the three musicians and of the contributing guests. I don’t want to highlight single tracks. Each of the pieces is valuable and helps create a musical canopy. Chapeau!

Herbert Uhlir
former head of ORF OE1 jazzsection