Valdinho Langer


Valdinho Langer

born in 1955 in Vienna
begins to play the guitar at age 14 und discovers his love for Spanish and Latin American music
first public performances at age 18, occupies himself with other musical cultures, classical music and jazz
after studying Geography and History at the universities of Vienna and Graz he makes his first extensive journeys and gets into contact with various musicians from a wide range of countries

1982 first LP ‘Aficionado’
mid-1980s contacts with the Austrian free jazz scene

1985 second LP ‘Human Dates’
late 1980s beginning of the co-operation with Wolfgang Puschnig, a major turn in his career, growing musical relations with renowned musicians of world music and jazz scene

1994 ‘Fragments of a Journey’ with Wolfgang Puschnig, Milton Cardona,
Prakash Maharaj et al feedback from international musical experts

1997 ‚Variety’ with  Wolfgang Puschnig, Igor Pomykalo, Prakash und Vikash Maharaj, David Friesen et al

2006 ‘Some Of Us’ with the Austrian musicians Wolfgang Puschnig, Karl  Schaupp,  Reinhard  Ziegerhofer und Franz Schmuck
Igor Pomykalo, Gary Barone und Riccardo Tesi join the  prominent guest list of the former CDs

2009 ‚The Bright Path“  in a trio with Wolfgang Puschnig and Karl Schaupp

2018 the current production "Navigare" again in trio with Wolfgang Puschnig and Karl Schaupp and the guests Gerhard Reiter, Klaus Dickbauer and Helge Stiegler.